We are doing everything to keep you safe during these challenging times

At Hillmoor Optical, our new FusionUV sanitizer uses germicidal UV irradiation to disinfect up to 12 eyeglass frames in less than two minutes, capable of killing any viruses present. We sanitize every frame between customers.

The FusionUV is latest is the latest in cutting-edge virus protection for eyewear manufactured in the USA by Quantum. The product was launched in June, 2020 by Sios, Santinelli International Optical Supplies. Sios, a forward-thinking optical supply and accessories division of Santinelli International, created in 2018, has focused on innovation and maintains a true passion for understanding the day-to-day needs of optometric practices and the optician.

In just two minutes, the FusionUV unit uses germicidal short wavelength UV irradiation to kill any virus present. Light is emitted from two separate bulbs and is dispersed in an omni-directional fashion utilizing a proprietary chamber design. Industrial quality seals contain the UV-C light within the unit. For the safety of the operator, an automatic shutoff switch terminates the cycle if the unit is accidentally opened. The unit can hold upwards of 12 frames and any frame or lens material can be safely placed within the UV unit without fear of damage. The FusionUV can also be used for disinfecting other items like masks, hand tools, optical tools, keys, cell phones, and much more.

“The more you learn, the more you know that your items are completely sanitized”, said Gerard Santinelli, CEO & president of Santinelli International. “This unit is unique in that it uses glass-like rods that allow the UVC light to transfer through to sanitize any item effectively and completely, unlike other units that have metal trays and shelves, which do not allow any touched surface to be sanitized and require multiple cycles to truly sanitize.”

At Hillmoor Optical, we are proud to offer the latest eyewear sanitation technology available. Visit our store with confidence and discover caring, personal service and the brands you want at the prices you’ll love. To view the brands we carry, go to: https://hillmooroptical.com/eyewear-styles/.

Source: invisionmag.com

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